So That One May Walk In Peace

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West Side Krav Maga

780 Vondelpark Dr.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
PHONE: 719-357-6097


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Classes will be divided by BEGINNER and ADVANCED  

  • Beginner Class will cover Practitioner Level 1 material
  • Advanced Class will cover Practitioner Level 2 on up
Practitioner Level 1
In level one, students are introduced to a few critical concepts for surviving physical assaults. Instinctive responses to common threats and simple, aggressive counter-attacks are a few to mention. Students will develop highly useful and easy to remember skills in a very short period of time. Defenses against being choked, moving while on the ground, using knees, elbows, and palm strikes are some of the techniques covered.
Practitioner Level 2
A wider variety of combatives are taught as well as an increase in the number of self-defense scenarios. Fighting from the ground, getting caught in headlocks, defending against kicks, bear hugs, being pushed against walls, are some of the new scenarios taught in level 2. The intensity and variety of the workouts also increases.
Practitioner Level 3
Even more combatives and scenarios such as being choked or head locked on the ground are taught in level 3. Students are expected to put their Krav Maga techniques to use in more practical contexts, such as dealing with a greater number of surprise attacks, and sparring with other students. There is an emphasis on using the skills learned in previous levels as building blocks to increase the ability to respond effectively in a wide variety of possible situations.
Practitioner Level 4
Curriculum includes advanced punch and kick combinations as well as their defenses. Gun, knife and stick weapon defenses are learned including advanced ground fighting. Sparring is included on a more regular basis.
Practitioner Level 5
Greater stress and tension is added to all advanced material, including multiple attackers who are either armed or unarmed. Sparring sessions may include multiple attackers as well.
Krav Maga Fight
Introduction to Fight
The focus of the Intro Fight Class is to introduce beginners to the basic concepts of stand-up fighting. Takedowns and ground fighting are covered in the next level of fight class.  This class is designed for students who have never fought and never faced an opponent intent on hitting them.
Fight 1
This curriculum is designed for students who have taken Intro Fight or who come with previous basic fight experience.  The areas of focus are additional stand-up techniques, working in the clinch, basic takedowns and ground.  Basic groundwork is covered, but most submissions and tactics are saved for later fight training.